Reasons Why Cancer Survivors Must Use 100% Pure Products

When diagnosed with cancer, your instinct is to wonder how, and why. Before my breast cancer diagnosis, I have always followed an organic diet. I used organic products infused with pure essential oils, exercised regularly, and pretty much lived a healthy, happy life. When stress crept up, I practiced yoga to drive it away. The only thing that was not natural was my makeup; every morning I slathered my face with pricey retail cosmetics and eye makeup.

I am not blaming cosmetics and eye makeup for my cancer, but even after chemotherapy treatment, I continued to use them with the assumption that chemotherapy made my skin sensitive. It never occurred to me that the breakout on my face was reacting to the unnatural chemically-produced beauty products.

Did you know conventional makeup companies use petroleum-based ingredients and other chemicals for their process of products? As you see with television ads and YouTube “how-to” videos, cosmetics can make someone look like an entirely different person. But what you don’t see is the formulation of the makeup. Chemicals used in cosmetics are very harsh on your skin, and might even cause irritation or allergic reactions. According to the FDA, “most developing countries lack safety regulations for cosmetics and other products that comply with the US FDA’s requirement such as labeling violations, the illegal use of color additives, and the presence of poisonous or deleterious substances, such as pathogenic microorganisms” (US FDA, 2002b and US FDA 2006c). It was after chemotherapy and a nasty acne outbreak that I read this statement. And afterward, I wore little to no makeup.

However, I do quite a few video blogs for my website, and it is tough trying to find makeup that is completely free from harmful toxins. But after a while of wearing the makeup, my eyes begin to tear, my face itches and burns, and I’m counting down the seconds to when I can finally remove the products from my face. I promised myself on the next photo or video shoot that I will find products that will not irritate my eyes and skin. While researching cosmetic company affiliates to promote on my website, I came across 100% Pure. They claimed that their products were pure and contained only quality ingredients. After watching the co-founder of 100% Pure Susie Wang’s, videos on Facebook, I am convinced 100% Pure is the “health food for your skin,” and the best product for me. Wang makes sure you can see that what 100% Pure uses is all natural and chemical-free. I believe in her and believe in her products and I want every cancer survivor to see that this makeup brand creates the only products you should be putting on your skin.

Here are my reasons why cancer survivors must use 100% Pure Cosmetics:

No Harsh Chemicals or Heavy Metals

Eye cosmetic ingredients such as iron oxide, carmine, mica, titanium dioxide, copper powder, bronze powder, aluminum powder, and manganese can be exposed to (or are sources of) heavy metals. There have been several reports on the presence of lead and other metal in traditional eye makeup products sold in the major retail stores. 100% Pure eye cosmetics DOES not contain synthetic chemicals or heavy metals.

No Artificial Preservatives

I have always had very sensitive skin and preferred using “no soap” body washes. 100% Pure’s foaming shower gels do not have artificial preservatives that’ll make me itch, turn red, or get an uncomfortable burning sensation in my feminine areas. The shower gels contain only natural fruits, flowers, and vegetables as ingredients.

Natural Products

During chemotherapy, I suffered hair loss, and I chose not to use shampoos with harsh sulfates and detergents. If I only knew about 100% Pure then! 100% Pure shampoos consist of coconut oil, honey, calendula, which promotes hair growth, and Nettle and Neem, which also fights hair loss.

In May 2017, I have a scheduled cooking video blog, and this time I am using 100% Pure makeup and cosmetic products. I have decided to add a new video blog project on “cancer awareness” in April and recruited two cancer survivors. We are going to show our readers how to use 100% Pure products and why this is the makeup solution cancer survivors have been looking for, and I cannot wait for you to see it.

Source: Assessment of lead in cosmetic products (2009). Iman Al-Saleh, Sami Al-Enazi, and Neptune Shinwari. Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, Vol 54, Issue 2, July 2009. Page 115.

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