Law of Attraction Basics: 9 Steps in the Art of Joy

The Law of Attraction has changed countless lives. Jim Carrey, Oprah, LMFAO, and Big Sean are a few among many who have spoken out about the success of using the Law of Attraction. The basis of this law is as follows:

Your reality is created by your thoughts, beliefs, and expectations. Your emotions guide you and are an indicator of what’s to come. Your thoughts and feelings are connected. When you think about what you want and expect it, it feels good. The following steps can lead you to a vastly improved life. With practice and a bit of focus, you can have the greatest skill a person can have, the Art of Joy.

1. Feeling Good Is Most Important

Make how you feel your number one priority. Get exceptionally good at feeling good. You do this by choosing the best feeling thought you can access at that moment. If it gives you joy to think about funny YouTube videos, then start with that! The goal is to feel as good as you can, for as long as you can, as often as you can.

2. Set Your Day Up For Success

The first 5 minutes are the most important. Train yourself to feel good upon waking. This takes some practice and focus, but is essential and will give you the most bang for your buck out of any time of the day. It’s much easier to start the day positively and maintain it than it is to pull yourself out of a downward spiral. Focus yourself into a feeling of happiness. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Phone abstinence for the first 30 minutes

  • Find comfort and solitude

  • Think about what you want

  • Meditation and stretching

  • Repeat affirmations

Set yourself up for success the following morning by setting an intention to feel good right before bedtime.

3. Appreciation is King

Look for the silver linings every day. Whatever you focus on you create more of. When you express appreciation for the things you already have, your abundance multiplies and the things you want will appear. Recognize the blessings that are already around you.

4. Do What You Love

When you do what you love, you feel happy and you project that feeling into the world. In turn, you attract more things that give you that enlivening feeling. Haven’t you ever heard people say they’ve had a “streak of good luck?” You start off feeling good for no reason and this creates a positive experience. Observing this and feeling great about it calls forth even greater positive circumstances. It is possible to live in this perpetual “streak” of amazing things. Just do what you love.

5. Follow Your Inspiration

There are times when we get an impulse to do something. You won’t always know why, but it feels like an instinct kicking in. It is a push guiding you toward where you want to be. When every inkling of your being tells you to do something, do it! It is all part of the puzzle of a path that is unfolding before you towards your desires. Follow your inspiration.

6. Only Make Decisions When You Feel Good

When you feel good you allow the clarity and emotional intuition to guide you toward the best outcome. This will allow you to be decisive and bold in the best possible way. It will give you the courage of a lion to make the choices you were once afraid to make.

7. Guide Your Mind

You want to be the captain of your thoughts gently steering your mind toward things wanted. Train your brain into thoughts of things that allow you to feel better. When your mind is still, it is pure and you are in alignment. Develop an unwavering faith. Allow the vision of your desires to be the only thing that you see in your circumstances. Make your dream louder than your current reality.

8. Bring Out The Best In You

Make time for you. Immerse yourself in nature, happy people, furry animals, and wonderful experiences. Anything that gives you that feeling of connectedness with your soul. Make your happiness a priority. Perpetuate the goodness. That’s why it’s important to gravitate towards those things that will enhance your positive feelings.

9. Purity Over Quantity

It’s important to maintain a stream of positive thoughts about your intended goal for as long as possible. Thinking about something desired and keeping it pure and happy for 5 minutes straight without wavering in any way, is more powerful than thinking of it for 30 seconds 50 times. The more time consecutively spent reveling in that purity, the faster things manifest. Even 90 seconds at a time can have an exponential impact!

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