Here Comes the Sun. Say Yes to the SPF.

Being in the sunshine all day has its perks—finally getting to that book on your shelf, no looming to-do list in sight, and feeling truly relaxed after a long week. But neglecting to take care of your skin throughout the summer months—no matter your location—blurs the line between fun in the sun and premature wrinkles (or worse). Make sunscreen your best friend this summer with these suggestions for how to keep your skin looking flawless.


Applying the lowest SPF possible so you still get a little tan isn’t the wisest decision. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using the highest number SPF possible even though one with an SPF of 30 will do the trick; dermatologists understand that people assume a higher number means a longer-lasting sunblock and that they usually forget to put on more. Keep the sunblock nearby, and remember to reapply as the day wears on.


Applying sunscreen isn’t only recommended for days spent basking in the sunshine—it should be a part of your daily routine to keep your skin feeling young and fresh. Many moisturizers now have SPF in them, and brands are making an effort to be more mineral-based, which works best with sensitive skin.


While wearing a wide-brimmed hat and sitting under an umbrella are extra measures you could take to stay out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time, don’t rely on these strategies to keep the sun from harming your skin. Reapplying sunscreen every two hours (or immediately after spending time in the water) is key to keeping your skin sunburn-free this summer.


Those UVA and UVB rays are strongest this time of year, and, while sunscreen is a step in the right direction to protect yourself, it doesn’t hurt to take it one step further and wear protective clothing when outside for long periods of time. Fabrics like nylon and Lycra are ideal for hot weather because they're more breathable than cotton blends and they are effective protection against ultraviolet rays.


Even without a tempting beach or pool in sight, it’s still important to put on a sufficient amount of sunscreen. As the weather turns warmer, many people opt to take their workouts outdoors but forget about protecting their skin. The same can be applied when going to water parks, sporting events, concerts, or other sun-filled activities. Play it safe by always taking sunscreen with you!

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