A Pawfect Summer.

Are your pets causing a ruckus throughout the summer months? Do you find yourself worrying about your four-legged friends or find it difficult to manage them in the heat? With the nicer weather and longer days, spending prolonged periods of time outside is tempting and often therapeutic. But checking in with your smaller companions is important to making sure their well-being is doing okay, too.


When it comes to your pets' safety, always make sure they have fresh water. As you spend more time outside, chances are you’re taking your pets with you. If you’re at an outdoor event all day, find a shady spot for them to lounge throughout the day. Keep a full bowl of water nearby for whenever their thirst needs quenching.


A dangerous—and in some states, illegal—occurrence that happens more often than it should is leaving a pet in a parked car. Although it appears to be common sense, it’s worth saying to always take your pets out of the car when running errands—better yet, leave them in your air-conditioned home. Even just a few minutes alone in a hot car could cause dehydration or lead to heat stroke. Similarly, take them on the longer walks in the morning or at night to avoid the hot asphalt.


Feeding your pets leftovers from the table can be tempting, but food found at picnics or barbecues can be especially detrimental to your small companions. Avoid giving your pets scraps from the table this season, as it will most likely do more harm than good. Onions, marinated meats, and chocolate are all foods that shouldn’t be given to your pets. Play it safe, and stick to normal treats.


If you thought sunscreen was just for us, think again. Sunblock for pets may not be as widely talked about, but it’s becoming more common, as it should be. Skin cancer can occur in pets just as easily as it could happen to us, especially for dogs and cats. Look for sunscreen that’s made specifically for pets, and apply every few hours to protect them from the strong summer rays.

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