Ways to Get Active at the Office

The majority of working adults spend over half of their waking hours at work, which makes it very difficult to fit physical activity into our daily lives. Fortunately, there are many ways to squeeze a little exercise into your day while you’re at the office.

Before you arrive: Strive to get up 30 minutes early and go for a walk, bike ride or swim. You could also do a low-impact workout like yoga or Pilates. If work is nearby, consider walking or cycling to the office. If not, parking as far away from the entrance as possible is a viable option. This forces you to add more movement to the beginning, middle, and end of your day. Going to the gym before work isn’t doable for everyone, but if being more active is one of your biggest goals, give it a try!

At work: Stretch at your desk to make the most of sitting for eight-hours of the day. Likewise, use the stairs instead of the elevator, and take 5-minute walking breaks every so often. While on the phone, stand up, march in place, or do calf raises. Take it one step further when a meeting pops up on your calendar, and suggest to make it a walking meeting or brainstorming session. You’ll get work done and force everyone to be a little more active.

During lunch: If you’re used to going out to eat, pick restaurants that are within walking distance of the office so you don’t have to drive—or park as far away from the restaurant as you can. Take initiative and set up a lunchtime walking group within your team or a lunchtime fitness class group. Other people may want to work on their fitness as well, and being active during lunch can be a great way to form stronger workplace friendships.

After work: Meet friends on the way home from work a few nights a week, and go for a walk or play an active game. Likewise, form an after-work sports team, or make it a goal to go to the gym on the way home. Bringing your gym bag to work makes you all the more likely to stick with this objective. Get your family involved and suggest you play outdoor activities before or after dinner.

Working full-time doesn’t have to deter you from your fitness goals. Stick with these tips to stay active during the workday!

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