How Starting Your Day Happy Will Change Your Life

When our eyes first open in the morning, what do we often do? Snooze our alarm? Check our email? Start getting ready right away?

All of these things snap us back into yesterday’s image. Instead let’s start the day with the future and live in the vision of what you desire. By getting yourself joyous when you first wake up and staying in that soft and dreamy state, you can shift what your reality will be like, even as soon as that day. This is a luxury that takes way more focus if it’s done later in the day. The real magic of sleep is that when you wake up, you have the opportunity to choose what you want your life to be. You can literally re-decide who you are and radically shift your energy in the first few minutes of waking. You can embrace the best version of yourself and the universe has to comply with that new decision as you begin to confidently emanate this new you.

Do you ever notice how quickly your vibration can drop when you first notice where you are after you wake up? For those few moments everything is up in the air until we remember our life. In those hazy moments, you’re 100% connected to the real you. This is a magic window where the concrete has yet to settle and you can sculpt your life the way you want it with a radical amount of ease than before. It’s easy to jump right back into who we were and our circumstances of yesterday when it smacks us in the face, but that’s why some solitude and tossing your phone out the window for the first half hour of your day will allow you to create your reality revolving around happiness versus creating more of the same old crap.

If you can become happy early in the day, the likelihood that you will sustain it throughout the day is huge once you get the hang of it. This has the greatest effect to effort ratio out of any point of your day. This is because as your day unfolds your thoughts will naturally stay on the track you start them on. By choosing happiness and doing anything to get yourself into a powerful high and elated feeling, the effect on your life over time will be large. It’s easy to notice in your own life, if you have something that is thrilling, it’s easy to hold on to that feeling throughout your day.

Start a powerful upward spiral and watch how the green lights and parking places line up in your direction.

Train yourself to choose a track of happiness before you even remember what your name is. Say “Yes! I’m vital and alive and happy!”

Decide that everything is going to work out better than you thought it could! Forget where you are and see yourself where you want to be.

Dedicate the first half hour of your day towards focusing on you and feeling great. I highly recommend meditation. Listing thing to appreciate or anything that gets you in an appreciative mode is fantastic. Repeating happiness or joy in your mind like a mantra is a great way to get you into that mood. One of the best ways to focus in the morning is to say, “How would I feel if the most exciting thing I can imagine happening, were to happen?” Really spend time soaking in this excitement. Visualize your world just how you want it and act as if it’s already true. If you keep this up, the incremental and daily effect is profound. Even if your life only gets one percent better every day, before you know it you will double and triple the quality of your life. Connect with yourself. If happiness is success and you start every day happy, you can quickly become the most successful and thrilled being you’ve met. Believe it.

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