The Power of Vision Boards

I’ve always believed in the power of intention; that whatever energy we put out in the universe comes back to us. As my spiritual practices have deepened, I’ve found this to be even more the case than I originally thought. Knowing this, I’ve always been drawn to the idea of making a vision board to put positive focus and intention on the things I want to achieve. But I didn’t know where to start and the idea remained in my head and soul without coming to fruition.

This year was different. I found a local paint and sip place that was doing a vision boards night…but I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to go with me. Then, just as I was figuring my vision board would wait another year, an acquaintance with whom I’d kept in touch via the power of social media, posted about vision boards looking for friends of hers who’d be interested in making one this year.

The next thing I knew, we’re off and running. We did the vision board night at the paint and sip place. The thing is, we went on the wrong night the first time, so we wound up hanging out and hitting craft shops – where I bought a vision box, but more on that later. In the end, we became much more than acquaintances. When we finally hit the correct night for the vision boards, my friend – who’s an art teacher – wound up with a meeting to talk about teaching classes at the paint and sip place.

That same night, I made my vision board and had a great time cutting and pasting while talking with everyone there about their dreams and goals for the coming year. My friend shared a cool story about what vision boards have brought to her life.

She’s an art teacher now, but wasn’t always. When I met her, she worked for a local chamber of commerce and itched to do something more creative. When making her vision board a few years ago, she cut and pasted a picture of an art teacher in a fun classroom. Not because she wanted to teach art, but because she liked the picture. That same year, she found herself being asked to teach polymer clay classes at a local studio. The next thing she knew, she was building a business!

The following week, she hosted a vision board event at her house for friends that were interested. Instead of making another board, I made a vision box. In it, I have pictures and words expressing more private desires. Since I share my home, there were a few things I didn’t want publicly displayed. Unlike my vision board which occupies a prominent space in the closet, my vision box is under my pillow, so I can dream on it nightly.

Although I don’t have any specifics yet – it’s too early in the year – I do have the sense that the energy I put into them is already beginning to work. So much so that I took it a step further and made an electronic version. I figure the more places I’m showing the universe that I’m putting energy into the things I want, the more likely it is they’ll happen.

The question with vision boards isn’t IF they’ll work it’s WHY they work. For that answer, a bit of faith is required. And a bit of science. We know that all things are made up of energy and that energy can be neither created nor destroyed. The Law of Attraction states that what we put out, we also attract back to us. It stands to reason then, that if we put out positive and energy that same energy will come back to us in the form of things we want and need. The positive energy is transformed and returned to us. Some people call this same-lifetime karma.

There’s also a common-sense piece to why vision boards work. By spending a small amount of time each day looking at them, my subconscious becomes rewired to accept the statements on them as true and to act in ways that will achieve those goals and dreams. For example, one of the items on my vision board is a dollar figure representing what I want to earn this year. Although it’s significantly more than last year, simply by focusing on that number in a positive way wires my brain to work on ways to get there.

Some people believe that simply by asking, by making a vision board, the universe will provide. It’s not quite that simple. Asking the universe for something isn’t like ordering from Amazon. You have to be willing to step outside your comfort zone and do things being asked of you. To take risks in order to prove you’re ready for what you’re asking. When you do that with a positive mind and open heart, the universe rewards you in amazing and unimaginable ways.