This vegan milk doesn't use animals, it uses cannabis

You may have been told that having a glass of milk before bed can help you sleep, but this milk promises more.

Metro reports that Rawligion is set to release Relax, their cannabidiol milk, on November 1st through pharmaceutical companies. The anxiety, pain, and stress reducing cocktail is a 100% vegan and organic blend of hemp seeds, cashews, dates, coconut oil, vanilla, water and CBD oil. Score.

While CBD oil doesn’t contain the psychoactive properties to get you stoned, testers have expressed feeling calm after a glass. It passes the taste test, too, and is said to be like an earthy almond milk- an improvement on the bong water expectation. Naturally, this still won’t be the first thing you reach for when you want a bowl of cereal. Instead, having a glass of Relax seems the perfect accompaniment to all the vegan edibles out there.