What we should learn from the 11 farms fined for antibiotics in milk

It’s common practice for dairy cows to receive antibiotics, but we’re still made to believe those antibiotics won’t make it into milk cartons.

Times Colonist reports that eleven dairy farmers in British Columbia were fined a total of $65,000 (about $6K each) after their milk tested positive for antibiotic residues. The Ministry of Agriculture also mandated that producers dump the product, and pay the associated costs of it’s disposal, transportation, and trailer-washing charges. This will slightly impact those eleven farmers, but not what the near 500 B.C. farms (and countless, worldwide) are mandated to do.

According to the reference manual of the Canadian Quality Milk On-Farm Food Safety Program (a product of Agri-Food Canada and the Dairy Farmers of Canada), pharmaceuticals including antibiotics, corticosteroids, mastitis treatments, hormones, disinfectants and parasiticides are used on dairy cows. All are said to keep cows “healthy,” but work like more a bandaid, keeping them “healthy” enough to keep producing profits. The take away should be that the entire industry is a chain of corruption, working to keep cows and the humans who use the products made from their milk subservient to their system through promises of safety and care.

Though farms are equipped with their own test kits, “Certain antibiotics are not detected at all by some of the most popular screening test kits used on farms,” the same manual reads. Shouldn’t we care more about what we’re putting into cows bodies, and subsequently our own, than what contaminations we can safely remove before danger ensues? Dairy industry leaders thinks antibiotics make our food supply healthier, but we know that nixing dairy is the best thing we can do for animals and ourselves. Heaven forbid we fall victim to trusting the people who “clean” our milk, when they’re the same ones who create and poison it.

Don’t participate in the violent dairy industry, or any other that profit off of the use of animals. Please, go vegan.