5 Reasons to Drink Organic Coffee

We live in a world where convenience has become the order of the day. This is one reason why processed foods have found a significant place in most people’s daily diet. Often eating such food is only a matter of pouring it out of a packet and heating it. In a culture that propagates the use of everything that is convenience-based, the thought of having organic coffee can make one think twice.

One of the notions about organic coffee include that it is bland. Another reason why people hesitate buying organic coffee is because it is thought to be expensive. As a result, non-organic coffee is consumed by most. We know you love your cuppa java, and you know drinking too much non-organic coffee can be bad for your health. So, why not switch to organic coffee and minimize the damage to your system?

One of the best things about organic coffee is that it is grown without pesticides. This is extremely healthy not just for those who consume it, but also for the environment. Due to this, no chemicals are released into the air or the soil, which means they remain clean and there’s no risk of harmful substances entering the area’s water supply.

Mentioned ahead are a few irrefutable benefits of drinking organic coffee:

1. It is Free of Pesticides

Did you know that your daily cup of non-organic joe could be prepared from coffee beans that may be laden with pesticides? While most coffee producers take immense care in sourcing their non-organic beans, this cannot be said of all manufacturers. You can always pick your coffee from reputed coffee producers, or say no to chemicals and switch to a smarter choice – organic coffee.

When coffee beans are recklessly treated with chemicals, they are washed with water which seeps through the soil, leaks back into the waterways and contaminates drinking water. Not only does that destroy water resources, but also damages the soil. This creates a vicious circle with new plants growing in pesticide-laced soil producing poor-quality coffee. It is, therefore, best to buy your coffee from manufacturers who produce it through environment-friendly means.

2. It Helps the Environment

Okay, so maybe cultivating organic coffee will not have an effect on your immediate surroundings, but regions where organic coffee is grown are safer and more stable when it comes to their land, flora and fauna, and health of the people living there. It is also helpful in the conservation of the environment surrounding the coffee farms.

An organic farm has to be chemical-free for at least three years. Plus, it should be at a considerable distance from non-organic farms, so that they are as far away from the presence of pesticides as possible.

3. It Tastes Good

So you think healthy things cannot taste good? If you love your coffee and are serious about getting its taste right every single time, you’ll probably love what we’re about to tell you.

The best thing about organic coffee is its taste. Of course, it tastes great! After all, the coffee beans have been grown naturally.

Delicious coffee beans are what you get when you grow them in soil which is rich in natural fertilizers. The fact that they’re free of chemicals means that you will taste nothing but pure coffee. It’s not just the taste of organic coffee that will get to you. Its aroma, too, is one of a kind and is sure to leave you asking for more.

4. It’s Healthy for You

Organic coffee is chemical-free and high in antioxidants, which can prevent cancer and inflammation in your body. Want to bust the Monday morning blues and beat the weekday-stress? Sip on organic coffee and let it work its magic!

5. It Helps Small Businesses Financially

It is best to buy coffee that is sourced through sustainable methods. Either that, or you can opt for Fair-Trade organic coffee because by doing so you will contribute to the global movement which works towards ensuring sustainable and healthy living conditions, along with proper pay and economic growth for coffee farmers.

While it may seem like a small thing, but choosing coffee sourced from a local Fair-Trade farm can help in a big way. Coffee makers in such farms see to it that everyone in the chain gets a fair share of the revenue earned. This could work well for poor farmers and their families, plus it makes your cuppa completely guilt-free!


For most people, drinking coffee is one of the best ways of kick-starting the day. It is best to begin it on a healthy note i.e. with a cup of organic coffee. Not only will it do wonders for your health, it will also keep the environment clean. Do ensure to buy your organic coffee from farms that meet the strict standards set up and enforced by the agriculture authorities. Real organic coffee is free of chemical components and farms that grow it are required to adhere to practices that minimize side effects from it. Do keep the above pointers in mind to ensure that you sip on nothing but the best organic coffee and derive its overall benefit.


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