Study: Vegans Have the Lowest Daily Carbon Footprint

Just another reason to go vegan: new research shows a direct correlation between eating more plants and reducing your carbon footprint.

The study, published in the journal ‘Climatic Change,’ analyzed the diets of omnivores, pescatarians, vegetarians and vegans to measure each one’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Their findings revealed some startling news: a person who regularly consumes a meat-heavy diet produces almost 250 percent more CO2 per day than someone eating a vegan diet.

Of course, the news isn’t entirely surprising. Animal agriculture has surpassed both the transportation industry and the electricity industry in emissions of harmful greenhouse gasses — making the meat industry the world’s leading cause of climate change.

The study’s lead researcher, Professor Gidon Eshel, at Bard College told The Guardian, “I would strongly hope that governments stay out of people’s diet, but at the same time there are many government policies that favour of the current diet in which animals feature too prominently.”

His advice for governments? “Remove the artificial support given to the livestock industry and rising prices will do the rest.”

That might be difficult for the U.S. considering the meat and dairy industry is heavily subsidized by its government. A whopping 63 percent of money goes towards that industry, while less than one percent is subsidized for fruits and vegetables.

No wonder Americans today are eating more meat than the people in any other country — it’s so cheap!

But that doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Study after study shows that eating vegan is better for you than any other diet. Plus, Ariana Grande says it also makes you “happier” — you can’t have a ‘problem’ with that!


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