Bill Nye Explains Climate Change With Emoji

Bill Nye the Science Guy uses the language of the Millennial generation — emoji — to make his point about climate change.

Nye continues his quest for climate change reform by shooting a short video in the “Emoji Science Lab.” We’re not sure how much actual science happens in this sort of lab, but Nye’s intentions are legitimate nevertheless.

The fun video gets the basics across: we’ve got tons of people living on the planet, way more than ever, and because of it we’re producing much more carbon dioxide than ever before. As a result, we’re warming up the planet and destroying our environment and wildlife.

So what can be done? Nye suggests new technologies, like renewable energy via solar power and new ways of storing electricity in batteries (which would be environment-friendly, of course). Nye says, then, we’d be able to “change the world.”

The video is less than two minutes, but Nye’s enthusiasm, not to mention the emoji, certainly helps spread awareness of this critical issue.

Unfortunately we didn’t spot any cat emoji. Next time!

Watch the video, here: