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You mentioned teaching at colleges. What were the subjects and at what colleges?

The two primary colleges where I taught were New York College of Health Professions and TriState College. The subjects taught included Anatomy and Physiology, Neurology, Kinesiology, Patient Assessment, Public Health, and Medical Ethics to name a few.

Please explain to our readers how Young Living Essential Oils network marketing works?

Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing is a business model of which Young Living Essential Oils is a part. This is how it works - Instead of Young Living spending millions of dollars on advertising and marketing of their products, they utilize word–of-mouth advertising.  Those of us building a business simply share the products with other people. If they choose to try the products for themselves, they get their own account, purchase products, and the products are delivered directly to them. A percentage of the sale is received as payment. Each time the customer orders in the future, a percentage of the sales are received by the business owner as commission. 


I personally have thousands of people ordering from Young Living from which I make a commission. Once their account is set up, I do not need to be a part of the ordering process again unless help is required. Customer service and satisfaction are of utmost importance. There are also other business owners/leaders in my group, so many of the thousands I do not know personally, but I still receive a commission of sales generated. Network Marketing has a fantastic business model - low startup costs; low overhead; home based international business with flexible hours that can be run from anywhere in the world, and finally, financial freedom, and leverage!  


Leverage is used in businesses everyday like real estate where the agents sell property and the broker receives a percentage of the commission. In Network Marketing, using the power of leverage, if you decide to take off or need to take off for a period of time, the other business owners/leaders in your group are still working so you still receive commissions at the end of the month.  


This was a blessing to our family when my youngest nephew was born and he was in the hospital for a month. My sister was with him every day, all day. No one worked in their house for at least one month, but the commission check still came as a result of the previous and continuous efforts of the other business owners introducing these amazing products to people. The mortgage and other bills were paid without worry. This is the power of the network and the blessing of leverage and residual income. "If you understood residual income, you would walk through a brick wall to get it!" -Art Jonak.  (

Briefly tell us the origins of Young Living Essential Oils and why it is such a popular form of network marketing.

Young Living Essential Oils is owned and run by D. Gary and Mary Young. Their desire to help others live a more natural, wellness enriched and financially free life is what continues to fuel this 20+ year old billion dollar company. Millions of us around the world are blessed they had the vision and drive to pursue their dreams as it has allowed us to pursue ours.   

Please explain the benefits of essential oils, and why should we buy Young Living Essential Oils.

Essential oils have been around for thousands of years as seen in the hieroglyphics of Egypt, Native American teachings, and the Bible. They were considered a part of hygiene, perfume, and everyday wellness. Today Young Living is considered the world leader in Essential Oils.


Why? Young Living has farms and distilleries all over the world.  Plants are grown naturally, distilled, and laboratory tested ensuring purity. The company has over 400 products in the categories of Essential Oils and Essential Oil infused products for the home, personal care including skincare and supplements, a children's line and weight management program. There is something for everyone. The idea is to increase and maintain wellness on a daily basis by using more natural products such as shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, and toothpastes to name a few. 

In your professions as a Chiropractor and a representative of Young Living Essential Oils, you are mostly servicing or teaching others which I am sure is quite exhausting. What do you do to find balance?

The reason I became a Doctor, a Professor, and eventually, a distributor in Young Living Essential Oils is because I love helping people.  Teaching has always been a large part of that as well as my greatest passion. There is no greater feeling than empowering people through education, no greater feeling than watching someone accomplish something they never thought possible. As this can be an emotional process for me, I recharge by spending time alone, reading, traveling, and I occasionally visit a spa or two.  

In your bio you said the following, "This is about taking a serious look at your life, remembering your dreams and passions and working toward fulfilling them with a laid out plan. It is about knowing you really can have the life you want for yourself and your family, living it, and helping others do the same." Has that well laid out plan been fulfilled yet?

Our team within Young Living is called The TriHarmony Oilers. Our goal is to help people discover their dreams of better health, wealth, freedom, purpose, and so on.  It is different for everyone. Once people realize their true dream for their life, we help people achieve those dreams through product and business education. 


Network Marketing is a career like any other and therefore, education in the skill set to become proficient is required. We provide this education with a laid out plan to become successful in business, the rest is up to you.


Personally, I dream big. Always have. Once a dream is fulfilled, I pursue another.  I set the goal and go after it.  One of my dreams was to become financially free.  This has been accomplished and it gets better every day.  

I personally use Young Living Essential Oils, I have diffusers in my office, my home and I also put the oils in my body lotion and in my homemade sugar scrubs. What other products from Young Living Essential Oils should I use in my daily life to promote and maintain wellness?

Young Living Essential Oils is a company that helps people live a more natural, wellness promoting life.  There are many products to choose from depending on what your wellness goals may be, and an abundance of product education to help you choose what is best for you. My website,, can answer many questions a newcomer may have.

In your multiple careers, which one do you believe is the one achievement you are most proud of?

This is a tough question as I am my toughest critic.  If I had to choose one thing, I would say having saved someone's life by diagnosing a condition other doctors missed. There is nothing more important than a life. 

TSP is about living a healthy organic life. What do you do to live organic in your life?

There is much a person can do nowadays to live a healthier life and we are becoming more educated as a society as to the benefits.  Personally, I eat organic and gluten free.  I am working on eating dairy free as well as incorporating meditation and exercise into my daily routines. Finally, I use the natural products of Young Living Essential Oils every day. Much of this life style change was due to severe health problems, I am now in the process of correcting. I hope to live long and healthy and I am aware that I am fully responsible for that quality of life. My goal is to live a life of Wellness, Purpose and Abundance.  This is Young Living's motto and one I believe in and live by.

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