Welcome to August and the dog days of summer.  Sunny vacations and barbeques with friends and family create memories that last a lifetime.  This month we are fortunate in having cover girls Kelley and Anna owners and designers from Manakai Swimwear in Hawaii.  These beautiful and smart women will explain to us how they make their swimsuits with recycled materials.


This summer is going to be mostly memorable for the members of the USA Olympic Team in Rio de Janiero, just imagine, years of training for the ultimate reward.  The physical condition of these athletes are in absolute perfection; do you ever wonder what they eat to produce such perfect specimen of the human body.  Our guest health and wellness contributor, Blossom Oh tells us about their diet style. 


Talking about diet and food, this equals eating, and I love eating organic, healthy, and delicious meals.  I had the opportunity to cook with Executive Chef Anthony Ricci and eat his delicious Asian infused meals.  Please watch our video, this was an awesome experience and I so look forward to working with Anthony again!!!






Donna Campbell Perricone - Editor of The Sanskrit Post