FALL 2016

Dani Felt

CEO - Dani Felt Consulting

Anna Lieding & Kelley Chapman




How did Dani Felt Consulting come about?

Dani Felt Consulting came about from the inspiration of my old company, Creative Spotlights (dissolved in the summer of 2016).  I have such a passion for singing, writing music, and marketing. I always realized the importance of team building and having the right resources. I also had an innate talent for networking, so creating a company based around using the right resources from the people I regularly network with just made sense to me. I wanted to create a place that artists can find all the right people under one roof.

What does an A&R person do?

An A&R person finds different talent for the record labels & management companies. I have had the opportunity to do A&R for Big Management, one of the top music management companies in the electronic music scene.

Tell us about your experience auditioning for NBC’s The Voice, and how are you using this experience as an entrepreneur?

Though I never got past the audition round, trying out for The Voice was a life-changing experience. First of all, it inspired me to move to New York City. Second, seeing so many artists out there made me realize what a huge market singers/bands/songwriters work with. I realize there are so many singer/songwriters out there that need resources and don’t know where to go. Seeing thousands upon thousands of artists lining up the door to have a chance to be heard made me realize I definitely chose the right audience to work with.

You created a charitable venture—tell us about it.

I always knew music had a powerful impact on people’s lives.  In my freshman year of college, I put together a compilation album called Under The Spotlight to raise money for the Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation. This album was made of talented performers I knew from my college, University of New Haven. It was a life-changing experience, as it taught me the passion I have for leadership and project management. It also amazed me to see what happens when people come together for a common goal and the difference they can make.

You have other ventures. Could you tell us about them too?

Creative Spotlights


During my freshman year of college, I interned at a PR music firm in London. When I arrived back home, I was so inspired, I decided to start an independent music blog called Creative Spotlights. I wanted to know what it takes to make it in music and also contribute something to the independent artists out there. I wanted to provide a tool to help promote them. Before I knew it, I ended up with over 300 interviews. My business partner and I then put together music showcases, open mics, etc.


In The Spotlight: Over 100 Voices in Music


A few years after creating the blog, Creative Spotlights, I met my business partner and she had inspired me to co-write a book with all the advice from the different interviews I had on my blog. This book spotlighted over 100 artists, producers and industry executives. We were asked from the Artist Relations Manager, Judd at Guitar Center, to do a workshop for our book. This was an amazing experience! It helped me realize my passion for leading and empowering artists. This past summer in 2016, my former partner and I decided to close the business and both do our own thing. This is where Dani Felt Consulting was born. 

You are obviously passionate about music and in your own words a "trail blazer" Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

I see myself in a mansion. I see Grammys on the wall that I had won. I see a recording studio in my place so I can record there anytime. I see myself having co-written songs with some of the best producers and songwriters in the music industry today. Producers will be living in my mansion, as well as session musicians so I can work with them all the time. I’ll have a personal chef who specializes in gluten-free, dairy-free and healthy food options, so I don’t have to cook. In the future, I’ll be owning a record label/management company for artists. I see myself having a giant office with recording studios, performance spaces and more. My artists will also win Grammys and go on world tours. I see myself also singing on tour. I see myself connected to every major music booker, label, studio and management company in NYC, LA, Nashville, Philly, London and more. I’ll be connected to many music publishing companies, and pitching artists for placements will come easy to me. And I’ll even be connected to huge makeup and clothing brands that my clients can also network with. In 20 years, I’ll be happy, excited about life and passionate to help artists. I also see myself starting some kind of platform to raise money for artists, or being an investor in artists myself. Lastly, I know I’ll have training schools for artists to help them out on every level.

You fit the millennial profile to a tee: ambitious, creative and music-loving. With all these accomplishments at such a young age, what do you do to unwind? Is it a weekend at the Ashram, hiking or a bottle of wine and a great movie? What do you do to keep your stress down?

I am generally a very laid back person. I love simple things like watching movies and going out for nice meals. My favorite show right now is Nashville, which I recently discovered on Hulu. It has inspired me to start performing again.  Broadway is also one of my favorite things in the entire world; it inspired me to get into singing in the first place. I also really enjoy attending any kind of spiritual events that include reiki, meditation or just networking with those types of professionals. I try to take it easy when I can, but I admit I am a workaholic and really have a passion for entrepreneurship.

As a magazine that promotes health and wellness, we have to ask. What is your favorite food and fitness style?

Ever since I discovered holistic medication and naturopaths, I have been on a path to make a conscious effort in being gluten- and dairy-free when I can. Not to say I don’t enjoy going out and eating a little unhealthy. But when it comes to living in my apartment, I tend to only bring food home that is gluten-free so I am not tempted to eat more junk food. I also have an amazing chef I recommend named Pattie Lerner, who has created a gluten-free/dairy-free/soy-free/nut-free baking company. Lerner makes edible cookie dough, cupcakes and more! You can learn more here:


As far as fitness, I would highly recommend working with Coach Rob. He is a professional athlete, personal trainer and can do wonders for people looking to be healthier. He customizes meal plans and workouts to suit his clients’ needs. I have been working with him for personal training and even business coaching. He has really taught me the importance of discipline. I have done everything from jumping jacks to squats to power-ups with him. But if I could choose any workout, I would say walking around a park or even my neighborhood.

What is your vice?

My vice is definitely writing music based on real life experiences. I really enjoy dating and putting myself out there because it leads to the most amazing inspiration for lyrics. Channeling that raw emotion is the best high. I would say on that note, going on dates is definitely a vice. Mostly because I really enjoy meeting new people, networking and learning about others. I feel it has really been teaching me so much about myself, too. Being vulnerable is not easy, but it does teach you to grow. Taking chances is what life is all about it.

Fashion Style: What is your must have?

My new favorite must-haves would definitely be my black leather cap. Also, my black leather jacket and my black boots. I also love wearing my mom’s designs. You can see some of them here:

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