Christine A. Guarino Certified Mastectomy Fitter​, A World of Pink

Christine A. Guarino

Certified Mastectomy Fitter​, A World of Pink





What is A World of Pink?

A World of Pink is a brand new health facility dedicated to helping women who have undergone breast surgery feel whole again.  A welcoming environment for all women to come to where they can feel comfortable during these times of change and uncertainty.


A World of Pink is a place where women can come to get their sexy back, regain confidence and self-esteem. Our mission is to provide:


  • Medically supported products for all phases of breast surgery, including reconstruction, reduction, lumpectomies, and full or partial mastectomies.

  • Educated fitters to create a caring, comfortable environment as we implement the perfect fit for bras, prostheses, enhancers, or even fillers in the pockets of each beautiful, sexy bra.

  • Expansion on women’s wellness by offering the finest, doctor-recommended choices for post-operative breast aftercare, such as supportive garments, comfortable clothing, lymphedema garments, and beautiful, stylish scarves.

  • A bridge between the time of breast surgery and full completion of reconstructive surgery, including offering programs focused on diet and exercise.

You mentioned in your bio you had a dream doing this. Was it difficult starting this new business and were there any obstacles?

In my mind, the obstacles I face are minimal. Making more of 'Me' by eventually starting a school will change the fact that certified mastectomy fitters are rare.  We need more to fulfill my dream for 'A World of Pink' to eventually open across the country. We have a severe lack of aftercare in this country for ALL women who suffer from breast cancer.

Is this the ‘new-generation’ of mastectomy after care and is it supported by surgeons and oncologists?

Less than one quarter of women who have gone through a single or double mastectomy undergoes immediate breast reconstruction. In order to restore the appearance of their breasts, 23% of women underwent immediate breast reconstruction. These rates have increased over time, from 15% in 2000 to 33% in 2010. Women who are insured are more likely to undergo this reconstructive surgery. Results suggest that although the rates of post-mastectomy surgery have increased, they are still at a significantly low percentage due to insurance status and the mindset of not wanting to undergo surgery after a major one such as a mastectomy. Surgeons and Oncologist are quick to accept a world of pink as part of the preoperative and postoperative treatment plan.


The surgeons are supporting the benefits of wearing a professionally, custom fitted bra. They love the fact that they are specifically designed with post-surgical healing in mind while still making women feel sexy and beautiful.


The custom fit reduces incision chafing, providing critical support during healing and enhance the results of your procedure long term. Custom prostheses aid in balancing and boosting your fit in clothing as well as support the alignment of your neck and spine.

You have seen how breast reconstruction surgery changes a woman physically and psychologically. What happens when they try on your products?

I think I have learned more about being a woman from these women (watching their reaction, tears and sighs of relief) than I ever thought I would.  It’s like a butterfly opening for the first time! When women try on my products and see themselves for the first time. They are different, they change physically and don’t really know how to ‘open’ up but they fly! They are beautiful with color and ever so sophisticated and gentle in their own way! I get to be there to see it for the first time! It’s my own 'butterfly garden'! And I love it!

You gave up a career to begin another. Where does your drive and determination come from?

I was naïve, I never really knew what women go through.  I was a dental hygienist for 23 years, I knew teeth and smiles.  In my own back yard, Long Island is loaded with breast cancer taking lives; moms, aunts, cousins, daughters, nieces sometimes even men. I have been moved to what I witnessed through my internship with Suffolk Plastic Surgeons (East Setauket, New York) the education provided by these world-class surgeons. I am now a board certified fitter certified within two accreditation agencies qualified to meet the needs of all women in all phases of breast care.


Recently I saw a famous woman (will remain nameless) who announced her return to television after her heroic battle against breast cancer, she wore a scarf around her neck. I cannot sit back and watch one more woman HIDE behind their bodies!

I am a big fan of Oprah Winfrey, and she taught me at a very young age to be the cutest you can be, and there is beauty in everyone!


I live everyday moving forward seeing 20, 30, 40 to 90 year old women suffer the loss of a breast but more importantly their self-esteem, the sexy feeling you have because you’re a woman. I am determined because I know God choose me to be the vehicle to bring this service to Long Island. I will not stop until I have reached everyone.


My life, my children and my husband motivate me to make changes for the next generation.

Is there one achievement you are most proud of?

I don’t look at any one of my achievements as ‘Success’, I look at my mission as whole, this is my job, the one I was gifted by God. The relationships developed and lessons learned along the way are the reward!

You work so hard to make this business successful, do you have any doubts and fears?

I have no doubt and my only fear is that I won’t get to every one of the amazing survivors in this lifetime but I promise this is only the beginning.

You are always so upbeat with a sense of humor. Does anything ever get you down?

I LOVE life! I went to therapy for 15 years! I wanted to be mentally healthy. I had somewhat of a traumatic childhood; although I led a very privileged life there were many things that I needed to understand about my upbringing. I love my parents and therapy helped me to be the woman I am today! Happy, appreciative and grateful!


That was one quality I can say my family taught me, to be the best you can be, recognize those who need your help, see the beauty in everything and search for the grain of truth in what others say about you when you are wrong.  There is no time to waste we are only here for a short time. We are dead for a LONG time. LOL!! Make it count!

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