Carolyn Devito

Founder, Erika Cole Beauty





You are a true testament to survival, but it is what you do to uplift women that impress TSP the most. What would you tell other women to help them not give up at their most difficult time of their life?

I would tell the women I meet who are going through some sort of hell:  Don’t give up, stay true to who you are; stay focused on what you have to do and don’t accept defeat.  Failure should never be an option for you.  If by chance you do fail, accept it and move forward.  Brush yourself off pick, yourself up, and start again.

It seems to be the mantra of the women we interview, powerful independent women, that workaholics should hardly slow down enough to enjoy their success. Do you ever kick back and indulge yourself in the services your Spa provides?

It’s nearly impossible unless you to deflate and relax your mind and soul when having a massage and facial.  Of course, my work environment makes it difficult to do this.  I admit, a staff member is always looking for me.

TSP is about living a healthy organic life. What do you do to live organic in your life?

Well, I love the beach, sunsets and sunrise, breathing in the ocean air and looking out to the endless view gives me peace.  I work out at least four times a week and eat pretty healthy every day.  My cheat is wine, but I guess you can say that’s a natural treat.

How do you balance your family dynamic?

I Am Woman! I just do! It has become pretty easy for me. I have amazing children. We just know how to juggle. It’s what we do.

Are any of your children employees of your business?

Yes, my daughters are employed part time while they go to school and sort out their careers.

The name on your salons and product line – Erika Cole by Raquel salon and spa is quite unusual, is there meaning behind the name?

Yes the salon and the product line are named after my three children Erika, Raquel and Cole, who are the joy of my life.

You have three salons employing over 100 beauty technicians, acupuncturists, and massage therapist. Tell me briefly how did you begin?

I was born and raised in the beauty industry. Growing up in hair salons made it inevitable that I would continue.  I found after actually styling women’s hair that I found joy out of making a woman look and feel amazing. The finished product that brings a smile to her face is what it is all about.

Full disclosure, your current Erika Cole by Raquel product line although fabulous is not organic; but you have a future organic line. Tell us about that, when and where will it be available?

We are in the process of developing a line solely organic.  I care about women’s health and I have had a lot of people reach out to me and ask to develop one.  We currently have essential oils such as Aragon, Carrot, Baobab and Almond extract oils in our Erika Cole by Raquel hair care line.  We are now in the last stages of developing an all-natural lip and skin care line.  After that is complete, our organic product lines are next.

How has meeting Marcus Lemonis and being on the show CNBC The Profit changed your life?

The show and Marcus have improved my life for the better in so many ways. He encourages, guides and cares but most of all the respect I received from him speaks volumes.


I’ve been a hard worker my whole life and have been taken advantage of and belittled by a lot of men both personally and in business.  To finally meet someone of that stature who appreciates what I do, and believes in me, well, no words can describe what that means to me.

You said that you had a mission to help and support women in life and business. How?

I attend women’s networking events to support and inspire women, and the show directed a lot of women my way through emails and Facebook. I have had so many women telling me that they are so happy for me, and how I inspire them.  Wow, what a special gift I have received from this show and to be in the position to help people: I am truly blessed.  

With your new success, do you now have any doubts and fears? What do you do to lessen them?

Loving yourself and believing in yourself is the key to success and a healthy life. I always have doubts and fears, I have a lot fewer doubts since I met Marcus on the show and rebuilt self-respect.  With him I have regained trust back in my life again.  

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